About the GIS/RS Lab

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing (GIS/RS) Core Lab is established to provide GIS and Remote Sensing support to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) and the region. GIS/RS Core Lab is poised to advance interdisciplinary research and facilitate geographical and remote sensing data handling at UNLV and in the region. The lab is located in the Science and Engineering Building at UNLV campus. It is managed by a lab director and student assistants; and has several faculty advisors from across the departments on the campus.

Mission The mission of the Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing (GIS/RS) Core lab is to provide unique GIS and RS capabilities, technical support, and training to advance interdisciplinary research and productivity at UNLV and in the region.

We envision the functions of the GIS and Remote Sensing Core Laboratory as follows:

  • Research

GIS/RS Core Lab is a research-centered lab that would continue to propose and conduct synergistic research activities for UNLV and the region. The lab would provide support on research proposals in need of handling, processing, and visualizing GIS and remote sensing data.

  • High-end processing

GIS/RS Core Lab would provide high-end processing capability to acquire, process, and visualize geographical information. These capabilities include industry standard hardware and software for both lab- and field-work.

  • Training

GIS/RS Core Lab would educate community users, faculty, staff, and students about the advances in GIS and remote sensing and train them in new technologies through short courses, seminars, and online distant learning resources.

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