Home Energy Audit

How eco-friendly is your home? How is your indoor air quality? Is your home energy efficient?

If you haven't asked yourself these questions, chances are that the answers are all 'no'. But, have no fear because all of these daunting questions and more can be answered by conducting a simple home energy audit. Home energy audits are done by trained environmental consultants and home-improvement firms. During your audit, your home will be put through a variety of tests and based on the results you will learn how you can improve!

Why is this important? Well, a home energy audit doesn't just explain your carbon footprint, but it gives you a glimpse of wasted energy and unnecessarily spent money. For example, the home energy audit can determine how much heat is being lost due to improper insulation and how much you can save monthly/annually once the problem is corrected.

What are the tests?
Primary test are conducted to determine the condition of your home's envelope. Door blower tests are used to locate air leaks and determine air tightness. By improving air leaks you can:

Checking insulation will allow you to determine your home's protection against the elements. It is important to check insulation through the entire structure; walls, ceiling, floor, attics, and the basement. Proper insulation will keep out the cold temperature, critters, and help maintain indoor pressurization.

It is also important to check your heating and cooling systems as they may require updates and maintenance. Having improperly calibrated equipment can cause you to waste energy and money.

How to get an audit?

Home assessment audits can be done by the owner or landlord by following guidelines available from the EPA or other environmental organizations. Home improvement and consultation professionals can be hired from a local LEED firm or home audit company.

Prior to starting the tests, your consultant will discuss the importance of an eco-friendly home and will compose a plan just for you!