Solar Energy

The distinction between solar energy and solar power can be simply stated in that solar power is the 'generation of electricity' while using solar energy. Each working independently but together is converting sunlight into electricity of solar energy. The power from our sun can be converted into electricity by using photovoltaic's (PV) directly, or through concentrating solar power (CSP) indirectly. Utilizing PV technology or what can be referred to as a solar cell, are devices that convert the sun's radiant light into an electric current.

The abundance of solar energy makes photovoltaic systems a very popular renewable energy source. Such a popular energy brings about a lot of debate and controversy. Prior to investing in a residential or commercial solar energy system, consider its benefits and disadvantages.

Prior to investing in solar energy and photovoltaic systems many consumers ponder applicable myths. Knowing the correct answer to popular concerns will help determine if a PV system is the right choice for you, your household, and your budget.

Proper maintenance of your solar panel installation can help extend its lifespan and aid with efficiency. If your solar panel installation is meant to keep you off the local grid, it is even more important to keep up with its maintenance. Thankfully, solar panels are designed to require minimal upkeep! The obvious parts to monitor include: glass surface areas, pumps, and any wiring/cables.

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